Unbridled Rage

Selben and Snickers shared a bag of cheesy crackers, while giggling at videos on the Internet, and enjoying the quiet hum of machines with the occasional click of a mouse. All was peaceful in the early morning hours until…

The door to the IT area burst open.

Selben dared peek around the corner only to lock eyes with Enraged_user who pointed his finger and marched straight at him. Without hesitation, Snickers retreated into a pile of emails, leaving Selben to fend for himself.

Enraged_user shoved a personal drive at Selben. “You! I need files moved to my flash drive!”

“Of course! What files did you need moved?” Selben said in his best customer service voice and smile.

“Important company files!” he said, while angrily stomping his feet, and frequently looking over his shoulder.

Selben’s eyebrow shot up in confusion. “I’m sorry, which comp—”

“I’ll be back for those later!” Enraged_user interrupted.

He stormed off, leaving Selben with the flash drive.

Snickers looked around the corner, sensing it was safe. “Who was that?”

“I… Don’t know?”

Having no idea who the end user was or what he wanted, he left the flash drive untouched on his desk and went about his day. Around noon, Snickers suggested they leave to get lunch. Upon their return, Selben was caught on his way in by Enraged_user, seemingly from nowhere…or possibly the bush by the door.

In a harsh whisper he spoke, “Where is the flash drive?”

“It’s on my desk. I wasn’t exactly sure what you—”

He glared angrily and cut him off. “Bring it to me!”

“Uh, okay.”

The technicians passed through the doors but Enraged_user recoiled like an invisible forcefield held him at bay (or he was avoiding cameras, Selben later thought). Selben retrieved the drive and headed back. As he reached for the door, Sup2 walked in.

“Hey Selben.”

“Hello! Just giving this to Enraged_user really quick, and I’ll get back on the phones.”

“Oh? What’s on it?”

“Nothing. He wanted some files but didn’t tell me what was needed.”

Sup2 let out a sigh, and went back outside ahead of Selben.

“Get out of here Enraged_user. You have to leave company property. They let you go man.”

Enraged_user began to shout and angrily stomp his feet. He pointed his finger with an evil, knowing grin. “You’ll never get any of the company emails to the vendors. I REFUSE to give you my password!!!”

“We’re IT. We already changed your password. We have all the emails, bud…”

Enraged_user screeched like some sort of animal and threw himself to the ground in the most epic display of pure rage Selben had ever witnessed, far surpassing a two-year-old having a meltdown in the check-out line of a grocery store.

After about 30 minutes, police arrived, and Enraged_user was trespassed from the property. He had worked at the company for 10 years, but apparently had been using his company card for MANY personal expenditures and was let go.

Selben is unsure if Enraged_user was ever made to repay the company.