Of Sheep and Machine

Selben entered the office one cold, winter morning, after some much-appreciated surprise time off. He was greeted by the office assistant Ditzy. Her radiant smile and reflection from the light on her shiny new desk was blinding. It was followed with a grunted acknowledgement from Peer, as he worked on her machine with his forehead furrowed. Deciding it was best to let Peer try to sort it out, he continued to his desk which still had a faint odor from before his vacation. Snickers had been given some time off as well from recent events, specifically involving an onion and mustard sandwich.

It wasn’t long before Peer came around the corner with shoulders lowered. Selben let out a sigh.

Selben: What’s up?
Peer: I don’t know. Ditzy’s machine wont power up.
Selben: Power light?
Peer: Nope.
Selben: Power cable?
Peer: Tested.
Selben: Ask hardware?
Peer: He said to ask you.
Selben: Any beeps or anything?
Peer: Nope.

Selben got up and followed Peer to Ditzy’s desk. The machine was completely dead. They got her a loaner machine and ordered a replacement, ticket closed. Selben attempted to return to his normal day, but after a couple hours he got a call from Sup2.

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