I’m Wearing a Tie! (Mal Diablo)

We find Selben working with Whatif, showing her how to send calls to voicemail. Again.

Selben: Then you hit transfer, enter the number, hit star, the number one, and then hang up.
Whatif: But what if I just want to transfer the call?
Selben: You hit the transfer button and hang up.
Whatif: But what if I don’t hit transfer?
Selben: …What else would you hit?
Whatif: I don’t know, you’re the IT guru!
Selben: I would just use the transfer button.
Whatif: What if I want to change my password?
Selben: Your password?

Selben started looking through his notes for the phone system to see if the phones had a password.

Whatif: On the AOL mail at my house.
Selben: Your… huh?

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