The Missing Intern

Snickers was checking his email and going through the normal office memos (meeting tomorrow, the ketchup needs to be refilled in the breakroom, a reminder to not take lunch meeting food with someone else’s name on it, set up a conference room next week for a video conference, etc), when BadIntern returned to their shared cubicle. Having been missing at least an hour, BadIntern tried to creep in, but Snickers could see his reflection on his monitor. As Snickers turned in his chair towards him, BadIntern quickly put his hands in his unprofessionally baggy pants pockets, acting like he’d been there the entire time. Snickers patience had begun to severely wear thin several days ago, when BadIntern was re-assigned to his cubicle after repeatedly telling a female co-worker how nice she smelled (and other uncomfortable things).

Snickers: Please, whatever you’re doing, just stop. Sit down.

BadIntern thunked down into his chair.

Snickers returned to his work. Within a few seconds, BadIntern was playing with a wireless mouse. With a crack and a pop, a piece of plastic mouse shrapnel hit Snickers in the back of his head.

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