Hotel of Wireless Horror

Thunder sounded, and lightning flashed, causing the lights to flicker and create shadows on the high ceilings. An older styled chandelier clinked as it swayed from the breeze of doors opening and closing. The room had that strong odor you get when too many people are in the same place B.O., mixed with stale coffee.

Selben was at the entrance of the room. He was sitting behind a rickety collapsible table supplied by the hotel. Sup1 had created a banner which was hung on the table: “Meet and Greet IT!” in Comic Sans. Selben shuddered as he tried to take another sip of the stale coffee-like brew, the burnt taste making his tongue recoil. The Company was having a sales conference and Sup1 had come up with the idea to have someone from IT be there to have a “presence” and introduce some upcoming plans. Unsurprisingly, it had turned into everyone asking for IT support. Selben was alone so he had to tackle them all on his own.

User after user kept coming up, but he finally got a break when the actual meeting started. With only stale bagels and burnt coffee around, Selben was just waiting for it all to end. His countdown to escaping was interrupted when the doors opened back up and one of the sales VPs approached him.

VP: The internet on my laptop stopped working. I need the slides in my email!

Selben: No problem. Let me take a look—uh, what is this?

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