The Ritual

The office was dimly lit with flickering fluorescent lighting on their last legs as Selben entered the office and sat at his desk one morning. Putting on his headset he looked up to see four mysterious robed figures technicians all stand in unison and walk out the door drawing twisted blades reaching for cigarettes as they left. During the ten minutes his machine took to load, Soda arrived, waving as he passed by to his own cubicle.

Recently all the helpdesk technicians, including all the IT managers, had quit, except for one low level tech who had only been there a month. Selben and Soda were brought in on temporary contracts to help until the company got staffing back up to snuff. The other temporary techs were normally internal software devs and were filling in until new people were hired. Unfortunately, this meant they didn’t know much more than Selben and Soda about company procedures for the helpdesk. Documentation at this facility was completely lackluster. Almost everything had been tribal knowledge, being passed from technician to technician, making it difficult to troubleshoot internal systems.

Immediately upon making himself available for phone calls, Selben’s phone rang and he leaped into action!

Selben: Thank you for calling Company, this is Selben. How can I help you?
User: This is User. Badge reader.
Selben: Okay, let me just get a ticket started.
User: Great thanks!


Selben: Hello?

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