Reboot the Router: A SodaCorp Tale

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This tale takes place while Selben and Soda were running rogue, switching from company to company as temps doing contract work. At this location, the company was decently sized, but only had two locations, about a 30 minute drive apart. Selben was placed on the helpdesk alongside Soda. The other two techs they were filling in for were getting married (*yes to each-other*) so it was a short two week deal during the honeymoon. Unfortunately, due to their short contract, not much time was spent getting them up to speed on all the processes. Anything outside of general SOP (*Standard Operating Procedure*) was pretty vague.

Selben and Soda had been assigned their desks, a double cubicle. Each side was distinctively decorated for the his and her’s which the previous lovebirds had been sitting in. Selben drew the short straw and got the “Her’s” side, complete with the excessive pink–pens, paper and other stationary were so pink that they had a slight glow to them. Soda had a pretty standard desk with only a few pictures of the couple. Selben poked at a pink stuffed bear that leaned against his monitor as ITLead walked up.

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