The Return of the Printer Mal Diablo

Selben and Soda had gotten a two-month contract working on some IT projects at a company through an old contact of Soda’s. Soda was locked away slaving away as a code monkey. Selben could still chat with him during breaks, but otherwise was mostly on his own. He spent his time working on whatever needed to be done…typically things the other techs did not want to do.

Today, Selben was working with HardwareGuy. He was unpacking new desktops and setting them up in the computer lab to be configured. Selben was about to take the empty boxes out to the recycle bin when he heard a familiar voice talking to HardwareGuy.

HardwareGuy: What can I help you with?
Whatif: The printer by conference room two is acting up. I sent in an email, but nobody has replied. It’s been two days.

Selben thought he heard the faint words whispered, “Mal Diablo,” from several nearby techs.

HardwareGuy: Mal di… Er… No problem, Selben can check it out.

Selben peered around at the piles of boxes that rose up to his head and wiped the sweat from his brow. Yup, definitely heard it.

Selben: No problem. What’s it doing?

Whatif held out a stack of papers. Selben took them and saw they appears to be gibberish—words smashed over other words, and some were even upside down. It was pretty unreadable.

Selben: Okay, let’s check out your computer.

They walked down the hall, passing inspirational office posters like “Passion, what drives you?” with a stick figure staring at a pencil. Reaching the door to conference room two, Selben found the printer, as well as overflowing recycle bins, and made a note to empty them along with the cardboard later. He restarted the printer, and reinstalled the drivers, and tested the results.

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